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Hoya multiflora

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Common Names: Shooting-star Hoya, Multi-flowered Hoya

Hoya multiflora has beeen placed in and out of the genus Hoya. As a member of Section Centrostemma, it differs from other Hoyas in terms of placement of the inner corona lobe tip relative to the anthers and the lowered outer corona lobe apex, resulting in a sharply pointed corona.

The latin name multiflora means "mutiple flowers" referring to the many flowers (about 40) in the convex umbel.

It is a bushy under-shrub, an epiphytic plant with an upright or trailing growth habit. The smooth, round stem produces branches but not aerial roots. It has leathery, membranous leaves devoid of hairs on either side. The shape is oblong oblong-lanceolate with an entire to slightly wavy margin, an attenuate base, and an acuminate tip. It measures 186.5 mm x 72.5 mm. Venation is pinnate with 7-8 pairs of secondary nerves at 45 degrees to the prominent midrib. Net-like tertiary venation is more or less visible. The upper surface of the leaf is dark green but there are clones whose leaves have silvery flecks.

Each flower, measuring 16.0 mm across, resembles a shooting star. The corolla is sharply reflexed. It is white with yellowish, orangish, or greenish tips and revolute margins.

Source: A collection of Philippine Hoyas and their culture (Dr. Fernando B. Aurigue)

Different clones of Hoya multiflora (Photo from A Hoya Study Corner by SC Plants)

"Greenish" Hoya multiflora

"Yellowish" Hoya multiflora

One of my Hoya multiflora seedings Batch Name "Obsession2" - germinated 1 October 2020

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