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Hoya odorata

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Common Name - Fragrant Hoya (English) Dapo-sa-boho (Tagalog)

Hoya Odorata was first found in Mt. Mariveles Bataan, Luzon Island Philippines by Dr. E.D. Merrill, then with the US Departmenr of Agriculture in the Philippines, in January 1904. This species can also be found in different areas in the Philippines.

This hoya, like Hoya multiflora, is one of the few shrub-like hoyas. It has smooth, round, flexible stems that branch and become woody with age, but do not form adventitious roots. The species name is descriptive name of the highly fragrant flowers, from Odorata, the feminine form of the Latin word odoratum meaning fragrant or perfumed.

The short-petioled leaves are smooth, leathery but thin, ovate to lanceolate-elliptic, cuneate at the base, acuminate at the tip and with an entire margin. It measures up to 85.0 mm in length and up to 32.0mm in width just below the middle. The pinnate venation is obscure. The upper surface is dark green while the lower surface is yellow green. Shoots are dark brown and young leaves have a characteristic grey brown coloration.

The six-flowered convex umbel measures about 52.0 across. Individual flower measures 19.8 mm. in diameter and are waxy white with yellow green center. The corolla is reflexed at first but turns forward.

Source: Guide to Philippine Hoyas Photos from the book and the internet

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