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Updated list of Hoyas in the PBI, as of 21 March 2023

Updated: 5 days ago

Good news to us New Zealand Hoya Collectors !

8 out of 9 Hoya species that I requested to be added to the PBI for Hoyas are approved and are now added to the list. These are Hoya browniana,Hoya clandestina,Hoya flagellata

Hoya fuscomarginata , Hoya hellwigiana Warb, Hoya javanica, Hoya paxtonii and Hoya villosa.

I have attached a copy of the updated PBI List and have added a few photos of the new ones that are added.

Hoya flagellata Pre-anthesis

Hoya flagellata - anthesis stage

Hoya javanica - picture grabbed from the internet

Hoya clandestina
Hoya panchoi - added in January 2023 (I made the request late 2022)

Hoya panchoi

Plants Biosecurity Index for Hoyas
Download PDF • 511KB

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