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Whats in the Hoya names

Updated: Jan 10

PART 2 of Naming Hoyas

Hoyas can be named after:

1. Places - if a Hoya is named after a place, it ends with "ensis"

2. Character of the plant - some hoyas are named based on their outstanding characteristics.

3. Prominent Collectors - if a species is collected from the wild, it is usually named after the collector. Generally, if the collector is a male, the name ends with ii.

4. Person of exemplary contributions to Botany. If that person is

1. a female - the name ends with "ae" (example: Hoya burtoniae- named after Christine Burton, Hoya nicholsoniae - named after Lady Nicholson of Australia)

2. a male - the name ends with "iana" (except Hoya loyceandrewsiana, maybe because it is named after the her full name)

3. a family name - the name ends with "iorum"


This is the basic guidelines only, as you learn more and more about hoyas, you'll find out that some are not named as above and many are mislabelled or misnamed or worst NO ID.

Also, as I mentioned in Part 1: If you are writing Hoya label/names in a facebook, instagram or other plaftfrom posts, or even in your own plant tags, it might be difficult to follow underlining and italizing the words, so as long as you know the rules, I believe its okay, you do not have to follow the rules 100%, there is no hoya police to take you and put you in jail for not following the rules. (But thats just me, so you can blame me if you get told by anyone hahaha). The name or the ID of the hoya is more important to me than the way its name should be written.

Anyone who created or cultivated a hoya can give that cultivar any name. Anyone who collected a hoya and believed that it is a new and unnamed species can give that hoya a name. But to be registered and accepted, a thorough process needs to be followed. That is a very serious matter already and is way beyond my comprehension, so I will leave that topic to the hoya experts.



Hoya benguetensis - named after Benguet Province in Northern Philippines

Hoya halconensis - named after Mt. Halcon, Occidental Mindoro Philippines

Hoya hainanensis - named after Hainan, Vietnam


Based on the characteristics of the flowers

Hoya multiflora - named after its multiple flowers


Hoya odorata - The species name is descriptive name of the highly fragrant flowers, from Odorata, the feminine form of the Latin word odoratum meaning fragrant or perfumed.

Hoya carnosa - named after its fleshy coronas, carnosa means fleshy

Hoya cutis-porcelana - named after its delicate, porcelain like flowers

Hoya pubicalyx - named after its pubescent calyx (pubes - latin word for hairy)

Hoya pubicorolla - named because of its pubescent corolla

Hoya named based on the characteristics of the leaves

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Hoya caudata