- $1.00 for 1 small cup (2cm with fertilizer or empty green 4cm)

- $2.00 for 1 big fertilizer cup (number 8 -3.5cm).


Deals - $8.00 for 10 pcs mix of small/green cups. $8.00 for 5 pcs big cups.


  • The covered design protects your plants from birds and other animals, wind, and other disturbances.
  • Can help control the amount of fertilizer, proper and thorough. and save fertilizer. Many holes in the bottom and side of these cups, make-fertilizer permeate into the soil slowly, which won't burn the plant's roots easily. 
  • Adopt quality PP-plastic material, which can be reused without crumbling. Not easy to be deformed and corrosion-resistant.



Fertilizer cups


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