Proceeds of the sale will be used to fund my application to Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for more Hoyas to be added to the PBI.


I currently have 2 applications, one aplication for Determination under Section 26  and Application for Release of New Species.   By supporting my cause, we can have more Hoyas available in New Zealand LEGALLY.



Accession Number - MCB21-S51 – Please keep this label so you know from which batch your seedling is from. I have other hybrids of Hoya benguentensis and the accession number is important so I can give you more detailed information if you ask me about this particular seedling.


Explanation of the abbreviation cf:


CF is (short for the Latin: confer, "compare with") or a question mark (?) signify varying degrees or types of uncertainty and may be used differently ...

In botany, if you’re uncertain of the identity of a plant, you use cf after the genus name and before the species name. This abbreviation is usually used for open pollinated seeds.

Although my hybridizer said this is a Hoya benguetensis x Hoya ilagiorum, we don’t know what traits these seedlings will have, hence the identity is still uncertain hence it is safe to use cf for now.

While many suggest to keep a seedling to flower before selling, I have sold a few of these seedlings to fund my future seed imports. You may find your seedling is very unique with traits completely different from the parents, so that is your reward for buying a seedling at an early stage. But whether it will look like a Hoya benguetensis or Hoya ilagiorum, this seedling will surely grow into a very beautiful Hoya from the Philippines.



  • The plant/seedling is currently in  Hoya Obsession Mix number 3. It is composed of #2 Orchid Bark, Perlite, Potting Medium, Biochar and a little bit of Hydroton. With this mix, you should water at least once a week if you keep it exposed or in open area where it may dry faster. If in grow tent or indoors, watering may be less frequent.