This is an open-pollinated seedling of a Hoya coriacea.


Accession number - MCB21-P52. 


Picture 1 - Bloom

Picture 2 - Full seedling (just for reference)

Pictures 3 to 6 - the cuttings for sale


This species flowers from seedlings from 8 months to one year.




Open-pollinated seedlings could exhibit traits of one or both parent plants or be something totally surprising. Regardless of what trait it will have, I am pretty sure it will be very beautiful. Please refer to the first 8 photos of different flowers of Hoyas in the coriacea complex. This includes Hoya halconensis, Hoya buotii, Hoya coriacea.


The flowers of most hoyas in the Coriacea complex are fluffy and are sometimes called Frosted Hoya or Christmas Hoya or sometimes Starfish Hoya



Hoya cf coriacea - Rooted Cutting

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