This is for a full seedling of my Hoya cf macrophylla, accession number MCB20-S05. This is one of my rarest seedlings and I only have limited quantity of this species, hence I priced it high. 


Proceeds of the sale will be used to fund my application to Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for more Hoyas to be added to the PBI.


I currently have 2 applications, one aplication for Determination under Section 26  and Application for Release of New Species.   By supporting my cause, we can have more Hoyas available in New Zealand LEGALLY.




Seeds were shipped to me on 3 Nov 2020, received and sowed on 9 Nov 2020 and germinated 10 Nov. 2020. I assigned Accession Number MCB20-S05. I received 20 seeds, 15 germinated, and 13 reached this size.


MCB is my initials (Maria Cecilia Bartz). 20 is the year i received the seeds and S05 means it is the 5th species i received from when I started.


It is possibly cross pollinated with another Hoya growing and flowering in the same area. Unfortunately i do not have photo of the flowers but I have added photos of some of my fully grown seedlings.


FIRST FOUR PHOTOS - The seedling for sale. The rest of the photos are my full grown seedlings which I will keep for future propagation (after flowering).

Hoya cf macrophylla (Full Seedling)

Sales Tax Included