Rooted/established small plant of Hoya densifolia. 


Please note that the plant in photo is sample only and not the one for sale. You may ask the seller for photos prior to buying.


Short description about  Hoya densifolia


This hoya comes from Java, but it has also been found in the Philippines and it was described in 1848.

This is a hoya that has an upright shrub like growth and it needs help to stay on its support.


The leaves are 3-6 cm long and 2-4 cm wide. The leaves look like Hoya cumingiana but they are larger and have more of a pointy tip. Besides that, densifolia has a more prominent mid vein and you can also see the other veins. When it comes to colour, Younger leaves on densifolia are lighter green and you can also clearly see that they are a little pubescent.


The flowers grow at the tips of the vines and the colour is yellow, sometimes closer to green and they have a red center. Each umbel has 10-20 reflexed flowers, about 1.5 cm. They last about a week and have very little nectar. The peduncles fall off after each flowering.


Plant care:

Potting Mix/Substrae - any fast draining substrate. I use 1 part potting mix, 1 part perlite and 1 part orchid bark


Bright indirect light


Water when substrate is dry


Fertilize 1x a month during Spring and Summer

Hoya densifolia


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