Price is per node, irrespective of the no. of leaves. The cutting will be cut on the day before shipping, propped in sphagnum moss. 


Photo 2 and 3 is the plant to be cut, there will be 5 cuttings available.


Description about Hoya erythrina


Hoya erythrina comes from Malaysia. It was published in 1978.


This is a plant that most collectors will find very attractive, unique and desirable. Although it is a little slow to start it is one that is worth cultivating and being patient with. I think this is one hoya that should not be over-potted nor over-watered. It might be that it will like more light than most hoyas and probably good humidity, since it grows along streams where there is ample light.


This Hoya is very slow to start growth but with time it will become established and then put on rapid growth. It loves to twine and climb often with long, at first, leafless stems. As leaves develop they are usually deep shades of green and bronze, maturing into rather rigid deep green long undulant leaves with even deeper green venation. The undersides of these leaves is a rich dull maroon to pink.


The foliage is very distinctive and beautiful often splotched or marked on the surface with pink markings. You will want to grow this one for the foliage alone!


The pendant flower clusters are formed of convex umbels of buttery yellow flowers fussy on the part of the upper curved surface, this is set off with a slightly lighter pagoda shaped center. There is a warm undertone to the yellowish petals. The tip and the edges of the petals are turned under giving a squared off shape to the flowers.


Hoya erythrina (Unrooted Cutting)


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