Selling 4x of these "unknown" Hoya


Pictures 1 and 2 - Bloom

Pitures 3 and 4 = The foliage



Description about this Hoya:


I am tempted to put a fancy name on this Hoya to copy those who are putting fancy names on their Hoyas to fetch more price but nah, I cant do that. 


I am also tempted to pretend I know what it is but the truth is I really dont have any ideas what it is.




This is a mystery Hoya which is possibly a cross between a Hoya carnosa and Hoya pubicalyx, possibly Hoya pubicalyx Bright One (on the basis of the flowers and the splashes on the leaves).  Mother plant is next to the plant for sale. The flower is on the mother plant.


Whatever this variety is, it is very beautiful. 




Hoya idkwtfukitisii

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