Rooted cutting of Hoya lacunosa var. pallidiflora, 3 nodes.


Hoya lacunosa var. pallidiflora differs from the species type in having generally more lanceolate, longer (up to 7cm), darker green leaves with little or no silver speckling. The leaves are typically more acute at the base than var. lacunosa's. The flowers, despite the implication of the variety name (pallidiflora= "pale flowered”), are not noticeably paler than those of var. lacunosa's.




Hoya lacunosa is a very adaptable and accommodating plant. While rooting is difficult for some forms, established plants grow rapidly and flower over a long period, year round in ideal conditions. Due to these traits, as well as lacunosa’s pleasing form, superb scent and flexible stems (which are less prone to mechanical damage than many other hoyas), this species is one of the few hoya species found commonly in the retail trade. Hoya lacunosa will grow in a variety of lighting conditions and will flower readily even in relatively low levels of light. In brighter conditions, including an hour or two of direct light in the early morning or late afternoon, the leaves of H. lacunosa will display more attractive coloration and form, usually with heavier silver mottling. High humidity also seems to improve leaf form, though plants perform well in regular household conditions. H. lacunosa prefers a moist soil with good drainage, and will more readily tolerate overwatering than drought. This plant does not seem to require being pot-bound to grow and flower well and may in fact become leggy and drop older leaves when roots are overly constricted. H. lacunosa is most widely classified as a cool grower, preferring temperatures from 10’ to 25’C (50’ to 78’F), though it performs well in intermediate (15’ to 35’C (60’ to 95’F)) conditions as well. Growth and flowering may slow or stop when temperatures exceed 30’C (85'F). This species benefits from regular applications of dilute (1/4 to 1/2 strength) balanced fertilizer, and when under-fertilized tends to drop older leaves and flower poorly. Hoya lacunosa is generally grown as a hanging basket plant. All forms lend themselves to this practice. All forms will also climb, given a trellis or support, and are suitable for growing as a mounted plant.

Hoya lacunosa var. pallidiflora

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