Caution: This Hoya is one of the more difficult hoyas to grow that is why it is not readily available in the market. But if you give it the right growing condition it requires, then you will get it to flourish fast and easy.




Hoya linearis is named after its distinguishing characteristic of having linear leaves.

This Hoya is different from other Hoyas because it doesn’t have firm, waxy leaves. Instead, it has skinny, soft and slightly hairy leaves.


My favourite thing about his Hoya is the creamy-white star-shaped flowers with a lemon scent to them.


Growing Condition

This Hoya grows as an epiphyte (on trees) in the Himalayan region in Northern India and in the nearby vicinity. It actually grows on trees in higher altitudes, and dangles down similar to how Spanish moss grows.


It does prefer cooler night-time temperatures as compared to some other types of Hoyas.


My Hoya linearis is outside, same as my Hoya longifolia, Hoya polyneura and Hoya bella.


Care for Hoya linearis



Like any hoya though, Hoya linearis likes to dry out between watering. So allow the entire potting mix to dry out before you consider watering again.


When you water, you should thoroughly soak the potting media. Water until all the soil is saturated and all excess water drains away through the drainage hole. 


In the winter, you can go even longer in between watering since reduced light and perhaps cooler temperatures indoors will slow down, or even halt, growth.



Hoya linearis does not like being over-potted and is content in smaller pots for long period of time. I have three plants in my pot and they're been in that pot for nearly 3 years now. Theyve been cut multiple times already to be available to collectors.



As far as potting mixes go, light and airy is the way to go. I use 1 part cacti and succulent mix, 1 part perlite and a little bit of coarse pumice



If growing indoors, be sure to keep this Hoya right in front of a window for best results, and if you can give it morning sunshine, it will greatly benefit this plant, especially in the winter time. Some people recommend in front of a North and East facing window.


I grow my Hoya linearis outside, all year, so it is getting a lot of indirect bright light.



As mine is growing outside, I do not monitor the humidity anymore but a few growers recommend at least 50% humidity.


Hoya linearis


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