The price is per bag which is approximately 1.5 kg or 3.3 ltrs. packaged in a ziplock bag. The blend is consist of  Orchid Bark # 2, Fine Pumice, Biochar, Premium Potting Mix, Coarse Perlite and chopped coconut husk rehydrated in rooting hormone. 


Benefits of chopped coconut husk 


The first benefit is that, Hoyas, specially those from South East Asian Countries like the Philippines love coconut husks. If we Filipinos consider rice as our staple food, Hoyas consider coconut husk as theirs.


But here are some of the benefits of coconut husk or coconut coir :


Water Retention

One of the main reasons why coconut coir makes for such a great growing medium is it’s natural ability to retain moisture for long periods of time. There are other planting products that do an equally good job at retaining water, however, what makes coconut husk-based products so unique is that the natural fibers are able to retain moisture without suffocating plants.



Fibrous coconut coir expands in such a way that it allows for great aeration for the roots of your plants. Some planting materials tend to become too compact around plants, causing them to suffocate over time. However, coconut husk products allow oxygen to flow freely around plant roots, which help maintain the health of your plants, ultimately allowing them to grow larger, faster. 


Nutrient Density

There are many vital nutrients that are naturally found in coconut byproducts. These include potassium, iron, manganese, copper, and zinc. These nutrients are very beneficial plants. One of the great things about coconut coir is that it releases these nutrients very slowly, so it will feed your plants on an ongoing basis over time. What’s more, coconut coir is also rich in natural hormones that act as bio-stimulants, encouraging your plants to flourish.


Beneficial Bacteria

You may think of bacteria as a bad thing, however, certain types of bacteria are beneficial to plants. Coconut coir has been proven to promote the growth of lignins, increasing the among of beneficial bacteria around your plant’s root systems. This beneficial bacterium serves to combat harmful bacteria that may harm your plants. This is one reason why coconut coir is so popular amongst hydroponic growers.





Hoya Mix # 1

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