Short information:


This is a seedling, product of hand pollinated seeds.

Provenance - Philippines

Color of the blooms of the mother plant - Peach




The full price for this Hoya is $150.00 plus GST. It is for one full seedling. The $50 serves as a deposit to secure your seedling, to be deducted from the full price. You can use afterpay or credit card to pay for this deposit. An invoice will be issued at the end of this month. It must be fully paid prior to release of your seedling.





The seedlings are currently in one of my greenhouses with controlled temperature and controlled grow lights. At the beginning of Spring, they will be transferred to a different location to give them time to adapt to "normal environment" and to harden off"  to make sure they are strong enough to endure harsh and fluctuating New Zealand 's weather conditions, which they won’t have experienced while growing in the greenhouse.




Price is $150 plus GST for a full seedling for release this summer (December release ) depending on the size.


Please choose pre-selling or free shipping upon checkout as shipping cost will be determined later on at the time of release.


Hoya nicholsoniae Peach -BATCH 2

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