Hoya bilobata IML 0228 commercially traded as Hoya panchoi.




Section: Acanthostemma.

Synonym: Hoya bulusanensis

Origin: This hoya was collected from a forested ravine at 1500' elevation, Irosin (MT. Bulusan), Sorsogon Prov., Luzon, May 1916.



Robert Dale Kloppenburg published it as Hoya panchoi to honor Dr. Juan Panchoi whom he had met in Manila, Philippines but this Hoya is actually a variant of Hoya bilobata which is found in a different location in the Philippines. The first Hoya bilobata was collected at Davao on the large Island of Mindanao while this variant was collected in the Bicol Region, which is the Southern part of the Luzon Island of the Philippines.


Other than provenance, the difference can be noted in the shape of the leaves. This variant has more consistent and stable shape and size, which is rounder and more similar to the leaves of Hoya heuschkeliana than Hoya bilobata.


This is another one of my very limited Hoya seedlings. This is the last one I will sell as a full seedling.

Hoya panchoi aka Hoya bilobataIML228


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