Selling 5x Unrooted cuttings, with varying prices.


Pictures 1 and 2 - Bloom

Pictures 3 to 5 - 2x $100 (one node, 1 leaf)

Pictures 6 to 7 - 2x $150 (one node, 2 leaves)

Picture 8 to 9 - 1x $250 (2 nodes, 3 leaves)


HOYA Hoya cv. Rebecca or Hoya 'Rebecca' is a cross between Hoya lacunosa Langkawi Island and Hoya obscura and it is created by Antone Jones. It is the product of pollination by a moth/butterfly. Antone planted the seeds and chose the best seedlings. Hoya 'Rebecca' has a sister cultivar named, Hoya 'Rachel'. According to Antone, they are from the same pod but the seedlings looked different so he gave them each a separate name and tossed the rest of the seedlings away. Technical description of Hoya cv. Rebecca The leaves are 2.5-6 cm long and 1-2 cm wide and have very prominent veins. If this hoya is grown in very bright light/sunshine the leaves will get a lovely red colour. New leaves are often very red, but as they get older the red fades to only a nice red tone. The almost ball-shaped flowers are small, only 4-5 mm in diameter, the lovely pink with yellow center. There are 20-30 flowers in each umbel and they last more than a week. The flowers will open 26-30 days from the formation of floral buds. I love the fragrance of the flowers of this hoya, anyone who likes fragrant hoyas should add this to his/her collection.

Hoya 'Rebecca' - Hoya lacunosa var Langkawi Island x Hoya obscura - Unrooted

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