One node, fresh cutting currently in fern fibre. They have aerial roots and will root fast, perhaps in a week.



This is from a different clone of Hoya sp. aff burtoniae. Please check the photos of my two clones for comparison. The bigger plant is the mumma plant of the cuttings for sale. The smaller plant (the one with the frame/trellis) is what I have sold before.


This clone has the dark purple edges .




This hoya is sometimes traded as DS-70, Hoya bilobata, Hoya tsangii and Hoya burtoniae.


Do not confuse this Hoya with Hoya bilobata because although sometimes they have similar shape and size of leaves, they have different texture of leaves.


The name sp. aff. means it is a Hoya species but the identity is unknown, but it has affinity or it is very close to the Hoya species burtoniae.


So when writing the label for this Hoya make sure it is written as Hoya sp. aff burtoniae.


This Hoya is very slow at the beginning but once you develop a vine, it will grow very fast. Being a slow grower, this Hoya is not sold as often as Hoya bilobata, hence the price.


Hoya bilobate compared with Hoya sp aff burtoniae

  • Foliage.

Hoya Bilobata is not pubescent (fuzzy or hairy), the leaves are smooth. If you were to touch a leaf from Hoya sp. aff. burtoniae you would feel a soft fuzz, or pubescence, to the leaves.


The leaves of Hoya bilobata are smaller and more round, but being polymorphic, it can have bigger and longer leaves similar to that of Hoya sp. aff burtoniae, except theyre smooth. Hoya sp. aff. burtoniae and Hoya bilobata both have olive green foliage. This, of course, can vary depending upon the light exposure the plant gets from its environment.


Hoya sp. aff. burtoniae can have a reddish cast to the leaves in higher light and a dark ring around the edges of each leaf. The vines of Hoya bilobata have more of a twining habit than those of Hoya sp. aff. burtoniae, which is more suited to hanging.


  • Flowers


Both of these plants have among the tiniest Hoya flowers. They look similar, but there are differences between them. Hoya bilobata has smaller flowers than Hoya sp. aff. burtoniae.


Hoya bilobata will have different color of flowers. Sometimes you will get pink flowers with a darker pink and slightly yellow center, peach, or lighter pink.


Hoya sp. aff. burtoniae has dark pink to reddish flowers with a yellow center. Look for the pubescence on the leaves as a major tell between these two plants if they aren’t in bloom.



Like all Hoyas, this plant wants fast draining medium/substrate.


This Hoya is very flexible. It is not fussy about humidity but you may put this in a room with humid condition like the bathroom.


It likes lots of light. If its exposed to bright light, it will grow beautiful leaves with either purple or red edges and it will flower early.


Hoya sp. aff. burtoniae -Fresh Cutting

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