Rooted cutting of the beautiful Hoya wayetii with growth. It is currently in fern fibre substrate and it will be sent as, will not be repotted as it may disturb the roots and that will result to stress to the plant. 


I will suggest keeping in that substrate after a week of receiving the plant, or as soon as it is acclimatized to the buyer's environment.


Photo 1 is from the internet - Ive chosen it because it shows the leaves and the blooms, one on its anthesis and the other in full bloom. 


Photo 2 is the plant where this cutting was taken. 


Refer to the rest of the photos for the plant for sale. This is now well rooted in fern fibre substrate. I will not repot it but will send a potting mix that i use for all my Hoyas. 

Hoya wayetii

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