LEVEL 2 Hoya Obsession Starter Pack - this pack is what I call the next level of Hoya obsession. The Hoyas in here are a level higher than the common ones in the starter pack. These are all unrooted cuttings to be cut on the day the parcel will be shipped wrapped in spaghnum moss.


This pack includes: 


1. One node of Hoya carnosa "Krimson Princess" exotica variety

2. Two nodes of Hindu rope  aka Hoya compacta

3. Two nodes of Hoya lacunosa var pallidiflora or var lacunosa


This comes with 

- one small bag of hydroton/LECA

- one small bag of cocofibre/perlite mix

- three fertilizer cups

LEVEL TWO: Hoya Obsession Starter Pack


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