One node cutting of Hoya latifolia albomarginata:


1. Cutting No. 1 - One leaf, two nodes with the growth tip 

2. Cutting No. 2 - one leaf, one node

2. Cutting no. 3  - two leaves , 2 nodes but top node is leafless

3. Cutting no. 3 - One leaf


Please note that I cant offer guarantee of replacement or refund of any of the cuttings. The mother plant is very healthy and I have been growing it for more than a year (nearly two years) and I find it very easy to root in hydroton. The cuttings will be taken tomorrow and will be put in hydroton and some in perlite/vermiculite mix. Any cuttings bought from today to Tuesday will be sent ASAP.


Once they are rooted and potted, I will remove this listing and relist with price increase.

Outer variegated Hoya latifolia ( formerly Hoya macrophylla)

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