The pre-selling will entitle you to buy one of the seedlings which is due for release Summer 2021 or earlier at your own risk.


Cost of full plant - $300


To make it clear, the $60  is just your deposit to secure one seedling for yourself. This amount will cover for my time and all my costs in rearing the seedlings up to date of release. This amount will be deducted from the price of $300 for one full plant grown from imported seeds.


The pre-selling will also help you spread the cost of this Hoya over the period of 6 months. If you click BUY now, you can pay the $60  by credit card, afterpay or stripe.


Once the order is received, I will prepare an invoice for the balance which you can pay in any installment terms you want thru deposit to our business account which will be provided in the invoice. The plant will not be released until you are fully paid by December  2021.


If I am unable to supply the seedling, then I will offer replacement Hoya which is of equal value to the amount you paid or refund the amount you paid less 10% administration cost.  No refund if you cancel your pre-order without any valid or acceptable reason. 


The shipping cost will be determined later on. Please choose "PRE-ORDER" upon check out.




Information about the seedling


The seedling is from  hand pollinated seeds from the true species of Hoya incrassata ( not hybrid), The mother plant was kept in an enclosed environment to make sure that no cross pollination will happen However; any Hoyas grown from seeds can have natural mutation, some of the seedlings from the same seed pod may produce foliages and flowers that are not true to type.

PRE-SELLING -Hoya incrassata (full seedling)