This is the true Hoya pubicalyx 'Black Dragon' which is now renamed as Hoya pubicorolla ssp anthracina.


Two rooted cuttings available for sale.


Pls. note: last two pictures are not mine, they are from the internet for reference on the blooms.






Hoya pubicalyx  'Black Dragon' was collected from the wild by Mr. George Mendoza. When asked about the origin of this subspecies, Mr. Mendoza replied that the H. pubicalyx “Black Dragon” is not a hybrid. It was collected along the shorelines hanging on a cliff in western part of Luzon Island, Province of Quezon, in the town of Mauban in the Philippines.


Differences from the Hoya pubicalyx:


1. It is a very unusual Hoya pubicalyx in that the leaves and petioles are all lime green with no markings at all.


2. The colour of the pedicels are green and not red as the other Hoya pubicalyx


The true Black Dragon


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